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Founded in 2013, 73rd Solution Inc. is a premier Information Technology and Systems Integrator firm headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. We offer extensive Network Equipment Management & Monitoring Services, IT Infrastructure Support Services, Security & Risk Management. We also design, architect, integrate, deploy, and maintain Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products and solutions. We are Implementation partners and Value-Added Reseller for multiple IT solutions who are the market leaders. 

Make your technology selection process easier to modernize and fuel your growth. Turn your legacy data into a secure and valuable asset for your company or agency and provide newer ways to look at your company’s traditional standing.

There are hundreds of different products and technologies out there. A wrong technology selection, implementation, and integration can ruin the most organized technology mosaic into clutter and millions of dollars of losses. Our mission is to help and implement such critical technologies for you with grand success.

We believe in high quality for our customer delivery with the utmost integrity, commitment, and privacy of data. We do not compromise quality and cost factors when working with our customers.

About 73rd Solution

"It changed from full blown traditional development houses to a more agile and plug-and-play method, far more elastic and scalable in nature to service as many users as possible."

About Us

The information technology industry landscape has drastically changed in the last two decades at a much faster pace than it did in the earlier times. It changed from a full blow traditional development houses to a more agile and plug-and-play method, far more elastic and scalable in nature to serve as many users as possible. The modern underlying technology ‘platforms’ combined with the intellect and skillset of the millennials have transformed many platforms and solutions of the ’80s, 90s, and 2000s into a mere plug-and-play tools. With the advent of cloud technologies, big data, and data analytics, the sky seems limited. But with it comes the complexities of proper technology selection, re-engineering processes, integration of various discrete systems to the legacy system while leveraging the modern IT solutions capabilities to its fullest. Established in 2013, 73rd Solution accelerates your company’s growth with the best technology solutions out there much faster and within your budgets.

We empower our clients (Corporate and Government alike) with IT solutions, tools, strategy & advance analytics of their data, infrastructure and platforms to make informed decisions. We partner with a variety of Service Providers, IT Solutions firms, as we are Implementation partners, Value Added Resellers powered by the most brilliant minds in the market. We can work as your extended IT team with a clear ‘winning’ strategy and best market practices.

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