ERP Solution for Warehousing & Logistics

Investing in a warehouse management system will generate up-to-date insights, and prepare you and your employees with the essential tools to effectively and efficiently manage all the warehouse needs through strategic and tactical solutions. Connecting Focus Softnet’s WMS to your ERP system will reduce order processing time, improve responsiveness, and ensure optimum resource utilization. Experience the difference in a cloud-based, warehouse management system that can give you historical and current detailed information which can be used for strategic planning, inventory accuracy, and stronger customer satisfaction.

Product Features

AI Driven

Mobile Management

SCM Integration

eCommerce Integration

BI Tool Analyzing

Reservation & Allocation

Ease of use

Fast implementation with drag and drop, no-code customizations


Affordable solutions that serve exceptional value & promote productivity through sharp automation


Thousands of integrations out of the box + easy custom integration using RESTful API

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