Network Cabling

We can help with any CAT5/CAT6/Fiber Optic cabling.

With twenty plus years of experience, our engineering team can design and install an ideal network. We can do any form of network cabling including Fiber Optics. We offer the most competitive quotes and practically work with your given budget targets.

We are network cabling contractors - be it your Network Data or Voice over IP cabling; we can assist you with everything under the 'IT infrastructure sun.' We can convert your conference rooms into a virtual teleconference room, deploying the best Audio/Video system for a surreal conference room feeling.

Network Cabling

Whether it is renovating your current office network setup or moving your servers from on-premise to the Data Center or just clear up the clutter, the right kind of skill set is required to ensure reliable delivery. Be it a five employees’ office or five hundred; you deserve the most reliable network infrastructure to operate smoothly. You can hire our services for network cabling, add new network drops, moving equipment from on-premise to a new data center, or other office locations. We will ensure a smooth transition with minimal or no disruptions. 

We provide the following services

We specialize in the backbone & horizontal cabling. Be it your data center or the equipment rooms and telecommunications rooms, a proper investment can save hundreds and thousands of dollar in ROI.

If you decide on moving your on-premise equipment to the datacenter we can take care of it. A properly planned transition will save you from extra costs.

We can fix wiring in your existing Computer room and Telecommunication closet and label them for easy identification and proper bundling and clear up the clutter.

With ever-increasing devices on the network and constant network drop, it is always recommended to perform extensive Wireless Surveys before deploying network devices as a part of building a strong and secure network. 

If you are looking for excellent VOIP and Data Connectivity, CAT5/CAT6/CAT7 is one of the best choices which can fit into any given budget. 73rd Solution can setup an entire network that will be light on the budget but excellent choice for long term.

Managed Service Provider

Monitoring and maintenance of the IT network and the network services require dedicated staff, infrastructure, and expensive software licenses which can run into a tremendous budget overhead. At 73rd, we can manage your entire IT network and its associated services at a flat monthly rate with strong SLAs in place, leaving you with peace of mind to focus on the core business.

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