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Founded in 2013, our firm specializes in providing the best of the market talent in Information Technology sector to our growing customer base. While you focus on the core business, our staff can help you ‘staff your’ projects. We follow the most rigorous process of recruiting the right talent, so they become your best ‘resource(s)’.

1. Requirements

We understand your requirements better to find the right candidate, including the affordability factor of our clients.

4. Interview Process

After the client perform the final round of interviews and selects the candidates our staff will work with your HR to complete formalities.

2. Screening and Validation

We screen and validate every resume to confirm if the candidate meets all the requirements and has truly performed the job duties.

5. Background Check

We perform thorough background check and reference check on our end as part of our next steps.

3. Internal Assessment

We filter out the resumes and call for a quick assessment test by asking candidates to take a 'relevant' quiz to find the right match.

6. Follow up & Health Check

We work continuously with the client's HR and the candidate on the other hand to perform a health check nurtures our relationship.

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Why 73rd Solution?

With the changing IT landscape, finding multi-talented staff is often not an easy find and IT recruitment process becomes a battleground. But 73rd Solution has proven itself to be the right choice as we have established relationships with our employees and consultants that will make our relationship a lasting one with our clients.